Remini Mod Apk Download Latest Version v3.8.4 (Premium Unlocked/No Ads)

App NameRemini Mod Apk
Latest Versionv3.8.563.202356965
APK Size14.5MB
CategoryPhoto Editing, Photography
FeaturesPremium Unlock,
Unlimited Pro Cards,
No Ads,
No Watermark
DeveloperBending Spoons
RequirementAndroid 7.0 And Up
Last Update2 Days Ago
Get from PlaystoreGoogle PlayStore

This was a big question about how to look nice in pictures all the time. The quest led me to search for something that may assist me in making my grandfather’s oldest and blurry pictures into good-quality photos. After all, I found a very good premium application named ‘’Remini Mod Apk’’.

 I have tried Remini Apk which I found in the Google Play Store. However, the problem was that it had limited features and I needed pro features. That’s why I used Remini premium unlocked mod apk and got a very good quality of my grandpa’s pictures. Today, I just want to share my experience of using Remini Mod Apk which has pro functions and artificial intelligence features as well.

 What is Remini Mod Apk?

Remini is an application launched in 2019 by Bending Spoons. While using the AI of Remini premium mod APK, we can enhance and turn the low-quality blurred pictures into high and good quality. We can also use this application to make videos in good quality and high-definition format for social platforms. As it has a good function to take our things to the next level.

Nowadays everyone is smart with smartphones and wants to look beautiful in the pictures. So this is a good way to get extra beauty in our photos. Well, the thing is that there are both free and paid versions of this app. You can get a free app on the official stores of Android and iOS. If you want to use pro features and premium unlocked features, you have to use this Remini pro mod apk. We will discuss about pro features below:

Remini mod apk

Remini Mod Apk Features

This mod apk has a lot of features which you can use to create the best quality photos and videos. I have mentioned some features below:

No Watermark

When an editor uses a pro function that is available in a premium app, the editor faces a watermark issue. For example, you download Remini from the Play Store and if you use Pro Functions then after downloading you will see a watermark on your photo or video. If you use a modified Remini APK, your production will be without any watermark. This app helps you to show your creativity without company watermark.

Video Enhancer 

Now it’s time to talk about video. So some people always try to search for a good app for video quality. Fortunately, this is also a good APK for turning bad videos into good and quality videos. By using the AI of Remini mod APK you can easily fix your blurred video and enhance your video quality. There are many other apps you can find but we will recommend you to use this for once to experience the reality. Certainly, you will say thanks to the developer of Remini.

 Premium Unlocked

This mod APK provides you with all the features free of cost. The user can enjoy all premium features without paying. The Remini mod app is fully free; just you need to install it and boom. Remini premium mod APK enriches you with multiple premium features free of charge. You can use premium features without any watermark. remini APK Mod version is free of charge and has many striking features of photo editing.

Recover Old Images

This modified APK has all-in-one functions. If you have an old picture you just upload that photo in the Remini app and click on the enhance button. Remini’s AI technology automatically balances your old image by giving extra pixels, colours, brightness etc.

Recover Blur Images

All tasks are feasible on this magical mod APK which you cannot do on any other APK. If you have a blurred photo and you want to fix that photo you do not need to worry about doing that. Simply install this mod apk remini version and upload your photo and you can fix that without doing any hard work.

AI Sketches Of Remini

 Mostly people want to make sketches of their pictures. So for your information now it is very easy to do that. The Remini mod version is the best app for making sketches of your photos. It will make your favorite sketches of your photos because it works really nicely and gives quality creation. 

Remini mod apk features


Did you hear about cards which we can use to get premium services? Maybe you don’t know about it. No worries! Let me tell you about it. Premium cards can be used instead of money. We buy cards and therefore we use those cards for premium features. 

In the premium version, you have to buy some cards and we use those cards to get credits for premium editing. However, in the remini mod apk, you will have free and unlimited cards for using premium editing. If you want to use Remini Premium, you can get cards by paying $5. After getting cards, you can use credits for premium things.


Some applications allow users to see ads and that helps one use premium features. Similarly, Remini APK is showing ads if you want to use it without paying. The question is why are they showing ads? Actually, in this way, they can earn if someone is not paying for pro features then they will show him/her ads for pro-working.

 It is very difficult to click on ads while editing or using any app. An ad redirects browsers to another interface where a user’s time can be wasted. To avoid ads and use the free premium features of Remini Install the Remini modified APK and enjoy without any disturbance. 

Best For All Footage

If you use this modified Remini APK, you can set all types of footage. With the help of a premium unlocked app, you can fix low-quality and bad-quality photos. In addition to it, if you want to set your old photos which are in very bad results this mod apk is best for you to convert old types of photos in clear shapes. 

Variety Of Tools

In this app, you have a bundle of tools which you can use for making awesome photos. If you try the Remini official apk which is available on the Play Store then you cannot enjoy those all tools for free. If you want to use all those tools for your creation then you have to love Remini premium mod APK.

Saving Work Offline

You can save your creation offline in Remini Mod Apkand you can continue editing again whenever you want to. You can share your creation with people and social media directly without saving and rendering your creation in your mobile gallery.

Share Your Work Online

 This app allows you to share your creativity online with your circle. You can directly post your creation on your social accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter etc. This is also the best-modified APK for making your business posts.

Automatic Cropping

This app helps you to crop or resize your image or video automatically. In other apps when we crop an image or video we lose quality but here Without losing the quality of the image or video you can crop. This really helps you to adjust the image or video in the proper frame.

Save Offline Or Share Online

If you don’t have enough storage or if you want to share it without saving you can directly share it with your friends or social media platforms. You can save it in your gallery offline after editing on Remini.

Color Correction in remini

 Colour Correction

Colour correction is not easy for those people who don’t know the colours. This application really helps you to choose the best colour for your creation. Color is the main thing in image or video editing.

 If you spend a lot of money to take any shoot but if you don’t know the color correction then your shoot can be wasted. Because perfect colour correction can give a good impression of your image or video. So you will love this remini mode apk for color correction.

Paint Effect in remini

Paint Effect

With brilliant paint effects, you are going to have fun. This app would really help you to paint your pictures and you will be excited to paint all your photos. Say Hello to the Remini mod app and include yourself in painters. If you want to get lots of entertainment and fun, you must try this paint function on your images. 

 If you have a tablet you are going to do awesome creativity. Your kids can learn painting with the help of these brilliant paint effects. There are many other apps you can try but believe me this will be your favorite.

Enhance the selfies with Portrait Mode

Everyone takes selfies with smartphones and cameras. This is a good app to make portrait selfies in good quality. It is best for you to take photos with a portrait effect and download it in high-quality form. Nowadays everyone is uploading selfies with portraits on social media platforms. Portrait photos really give a good impression on our social platforms. So this will be your favorite mod apk for making portraits in high pixels. 

Remini unlocked apk Working100%

Remini Mod APK is Working 100% without any issues. The user should have a good internet connection. The latest version of Remini which is available on our website is a non-stop app. You can do your work without facing an issue but if you face an issue you can simply contact us.

User-Friendly Interface

 Remini apk has an easy User Friendly Interface and it is very easy to use. As you know Remini is based on AI technology so it can work automatically. We just need to tell the app what we want. We just upload a picture and video on the app and if we just click on a function it will automatically understand what we need. This Remini unlocked apk is really smart.

Easily Fill Colors in Photos of Older Centuries

 This app is good for filling color in dull-colored photos. If you have low-quality or dull-colored pictures this app will help you to make your pictures good. The oldest pictures can be set with the help of Remini’s AI.

Removal of Unwanted Objects

Now it is easy to remove anything from photos. If you took a picture and you want to remove unwanted objects from your image you will love this Mod APK of Remini. Asremini is an AI app which can understand what you really want to do. It also gives you a bundle of filters which you can apply to your photos and videos. You can change your background smoothly and easily.

 Facial Focus with Movie-Grade Technology

As you know, the Remini apk is based on Artificial intelligence. So in the Remini mod version, you can focus on your desired place. These technologies can recognise uncorrected things.

Why remini mod apk

 As you know, this app is fully loaded with the best features. In mod apk, you have all features which are unlocked and ready to use. You just have to install this mod app and you do not need to pay a single penny for premium creation. This app is AI based so it is very easy to use. This app is trending nowadays just for its best creation. 

 Moreover, it gives you more cards to use pro features and you can do it without seeing ads. When you have this app on your smartphone you just need to do anything on this app because it will not ask you to spend money etc.

How to install it from the Google Play Store?

  • Step 1: you have to set up the Google Play Store on your mobile by adding a Google account to it. 
  • Step 2: After setting up the Google Play Store, go into the search menu and search for the Remini app.
  • Step 3: After searching Remini, click the install button to start the process of downloading.
  • Step 4: Google Play Store will automatically install it on your devices by downloading the file. 
  • Step 5: After the downloading and install method is completed, it is now your time to open the application and start doing its setting.
  • Step 6: Now you have to add basic credentials, so you can operate your Remini Easily. It is now ready to use.

How to get paid Remini Subscription Cancellation method?

  • Remini Pro is the premium paid version and you have to pay for its premium tools.
  • If you are trying to use the premium tools go to the settings bar of Remini and click on the pro-version button.
  • In there, you will get an introductory page of packages where you will find a rate list of monthly and daily packages. 
  • After buying the subscription, you can read in the settings section about how to cancel the subscription or talk to Customer Care Services.
  • You also can cancel your subscription within a few clicks in the menu.
  • You can easily buy or cancel the subscription but to use premium tools, you have to use pro-versions.

How to install Remini mode apk?

  • Step1: First, you have to click the button to download on the website.
  • Step1: You will get several ads before the downloading method is started.
  • Step1: You will get the tab which will help you to download the app easily from the website.
  • Step1: After clicking the downloading button, it will download automatically.
  • Step1: You can install it by clicking the downloading file or you can go to file manager and search for Remini mode apk and install from there.
  • Step1: Sometimes you may get disturbed before installing it, so go into your settings menu and allow “Install apps from External sources’. 
  • Step1: It will allow you to install it from the website or from File Manager.

Remini For Desktop and Laptop

  • Remini is proven to be the best editing software.
  • It is the best software for mobile devices as well as for desktops and laptops.
  • You can easily download it on your Laptop and use it with the help of Android Emulator.
  • You have to install Emulator on your desktop or laptop and start Remini mode APK with the help of the emulator.
  • There are many Emulators such as; Bluestacks and Dolphin emulators.
  • These Emulators will help you to run Remini on the desktop and laptop.

How to install in IOS?

  • You can download the Remini for IOS from the app store of IOS devices.
  • First, you have to search for the Remini in the App Store.
  • After searching for it, you have to click the install button and the file will start downloading.
  • After downloading the file, the App Store automatically installs it on your mobile.
  • Now, you have to set up your Remini APK add credentials, and set up your account.
  • After setting up an account, you will set up your app and now you can easily use it on IOS devices.

How to edit photos and videos by using remini unlocked apk

  • Remini is the best editing software which allows you to edit your pictures and add beauty to them.
  • You can apply multiple filters and textures in images to get more details.
  • You will get many tools which you can use in images.
  • There are many options like; noise reduction, color correction and saturation.
  • You can use these tools to specify every detail in your images.
  • You can also crop or merge pictures in the Remini premium mod APK.
  • Remini also gives you video editing tools which help you to edit videos. 
  • You can edit 4K resolution videos and also generate them smoothly.
  • Remini Mod apk also has AI-generating tools for videos and images which can be applied at any time.

Old Versions vs New Versions

You can download both old and new versions from the website.

Disadvantages of Old Versions

  • Remini premium APK allows you to install old versions but you may find the old interface.
  • You cannot use updated tools in the Mod APK of Remini.
  • You may find old interfaces and minimum results due to old tools.
  • AI tools may not work properly in old Versions.
  • You may find dull results due to malfunctioning of tools in old versions.

How to Create an AI Avatar?

  • Remini has many AI features in which you can also create an Avatar.
  • You just have to open the app and Click the AI avatar section.
  • You will upload your images and the app will automatically scan your images and generate an AI avatar for you.
  • You can generate your AI avatar or you also can create it manually. 
  • You can dress it and apply customizable effects on your avatar to look more attractive.
  • But to create an AI avatar you must pay for a subscription or use Remini Mod apk.
  • You can download it without any water.

Pros and Cons of Remini premium features Mod apk


  • Remini Premium Mod APP is a free-of-charge app and it is the premium editing software.
  • You can get multiple features, filters, and tools for editing.
  • You also get AI-based tools for your images.
  • You can use premium tools in this.
  • You can generate an AI Avatar and also apply animation filters on images.
  • Remini Mod is the AI application for editing.


  • You might not get stable performance in the offline mood.
  • AI features may not give you realistic results due to low connection.
  • You might get login problems in Remini the Mod app.

Our Review of Remini Unlocked version

Remini mode is the best editing software for images. We have used it a lot and found amazing tools. This software provides the best and most realistic results for editing. This application has many advanced features. You can also generate quality filters for your images with the help of AI algorithms. This is the best app which allows you to enhance the quality of your videos and images up to 3D or 4K resolution.


Yes, the Mod version of Remini APK is free of charge. You can use its premium features without paying anything.

Yes, Remini Mod Apk works in both offline and online modes. You will get a smooth experience in both modes.

Remini Mod Apk has cloud storage which allows you to store images.

You can store as many images as you want in Remini Mod Apk.

Yes, Remini Mod apk has AI enhancement tools which enhance the quality of images.

Yes, Remini Mod apk provides you with many AI animation tools and filters for images.

Remini Mod apk allows you to download images without any watermark. You can use premium tools and get good results without any marks.

Yes, Remini Mod apk is a safe application and it has many features for images.

You can download old versions of Remini Mod apk. You can easily use them and get a smooth interface.

Yes, Remini Mod apk provides you with scanned and processed images which allows you to generate realistic images.